How to post a correct application?

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How to post a correct application? Empty How to post a correct application?

Post  Mr. DarkBlazer on Wed May 05, 2010 11:54 am

In order to enter BC Racing Clan you have to fill out an application.
The application must be in a new topic inside the ,,Post your BC applications here,, forum named (eg X.Y. Wants to join BC.)
Application form:
Something about your self. Tell us your real name, your skype log in, your msn. Tell us where you live, give us links to your tracks so we can test them.
Why you want to join our clan? Tell us the reasons of your applying to our clan?
Tell us how active will you be on our forum as well as on TMX site.
Then, maybe we will give u a theme on wich to build a track. .
Then In a day or so, we will decide. . .
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